I am greeting you all from the most attractive place in the world… Monaco. We decided to enjoy long weekend with my friends here. So please cross yours fingers for me to have lucky hand 🙂

During the day we enjoy beach as everywhere, but in the night is Monte Carlo the most beautiful – it is reall show of luxury. So let’s enjoy night life…

Bye for now…

Yours Silvia Saint

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More Love from Lena Love

And once again Lena Love…how did you like her at solo pictures? And that was nothing against the video filmed with her and Eve… you will be left speechless. Both of them are tender and hot in same time. And they really enjoy it a lot. Contrarily with Karol is Lena more dominant and she is managing Karol in the scene. It is nearly like erotic red library 🙂 but it will for sure find supporters too. So have a nice spectacular.

Yours Silvia Saint
Lena Love and Eve Lena Love and Eve
Lena Love and Eve Lena Love and Karol Lena Love and Karol
Lena Love and Karol

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Seaside Bikini Adventure!

Hi there people, so how are you? It is incredibly hot in my place. And that is why I decided last weekend to go to the seaside… just for few days. I like to calm down in salty water, but not too much. I also enjoy boat and beach to get nice tan. But after my arrival it is higher temperature here than before… uff… such a hot summer was not here for long years. So I turn off my computer and let’s go with my friend to outdoor swimming pool!!!

I am sending you summer kisses

Yours Silvia Saint

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Perfect Paula

Paula… she has not only sexy body, but also her voice… and unbelievably long hair. She is very strict girl with cheeky mouth, but when camera turns on than she changes to sexy devil. Just pity that she works only as a solo model… but never say never!

Silvia Saint

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The Lovely Lena Love

As I mentioned before, Lena Love is unbelievable beauty and also sexy. I like to work with her and she can turn it on before camera. She is highly required for fetish so you have what to looking for. Here you have little preview from solo video and later you will see more…

Silvia Saint

Lena Love Lena Love
Lena Love Lena Love
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Fresh New Faces

I see that every single of you has different taste for models, but that is fine. Here I bring you new faces from business and one of them is extremely sexy.
Lena Love… wonderful blonde who loves her work. She worked long time at chat, but then she decided to do something different and she is very desired mainly for fetish. You will love her!!
Gabrielle Gucci, raunchy short hair brunette with divine body, who likes to play with girls. Karol is the real opposite of Leny Love, she is shy with low self-confidence but still absolutely beautiful. And last but not least Eve who can wonder you with her natural beauty. She likes mainly girls, so hot scenes will be more than enough. Now you have what to choose guys and ladies.
Bye for now
Yours Silvia Saint
Lena Love Lena Love Lena Love Gabrielle Gucci
Karol Karol Eve
Eve Eve
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Summer Casting Fun

Hi there everybody, so how do you enjoy summer days? I do it fifty-fifty work and leisure. Right now I am back from London and I am going to fly to Spain. But right before my trip to London I managed casting production. Castings are great because you can get know more about models and you can also see them in casual clothes. But it is still more difficult to found models who speak English… they do not want! But models who will be introduced to you this time handled it well.
Paula is wonderful brunet and she try hard I think the most of all. She has beautiful body and also wonderful hair. She is pretty wild! She makes just solo videos, bud she can whoop it up.
Alexis Leone is new, starting model and she has not experience yet, but we will see with time. I think she needs to work on herself. But she loves sex and not only with one partner 🙂
Nathaly surprised me a lot, I was expecting blond and she came colored to dark. But she looks much more better! I do not know how it comes that all blonde I know changed their colour of hair and now looks like much better than before 🙂 Nathaly is very sexy and for the next production I really want her because she is naturally sensuous.
So which girl do you like?
Yours Silvia Saint.
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Sweet Times with Victoria Sweet

Hello everybody… today I have another model for you. She also joined my last casting… her name is Victoria Sweet… do you know? If you saw last casting, than you will also remember video, where she talk about her most crazy sexual experience at cemetery… little bit bizarre, but it entertained all of us more than enough.

She is so adorable and in sexy polka dot dress looks so tasty. She whoop it up with Cindy Dollar in bed scene… wow! Have a look!

Kiss Silvia Saint

Victoria Sweet

Victoria Sweet

Victoria Sweet and Cindy Dollar

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Cindy Dollar is back!

Attention guys! If you like buxom lady shapes and huge tits, so you can look forward to see Cindy Dollar. You could already see her few times in my video, but this time you will see her in scene with Victoria Sweet and also in single bed scene… mmmm. Cindy never tried to hide that she loves this work and she enjoy filming fully, with girls and also with men. Tell me, is she not hot chick? xo Silvia Saint
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The Beautiful Blanche & Tea Jul!

I believe that you like Blanche, but for those of you who have different taste I have another wonderful kitten. Do you remember Tea Jul? It is one year ago she decided to left our business, but now she is back again and she is hot more than before. She always has been my favorite model. And this time I have hot fetish scene with stockings and seductive scene with Blanche. Both of them are very beautiful… black/white. Tea has black hair as a rook and Bea as an angel… but both of them are devil 🙂 You will see…

xo Silvia Saint

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