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New Stuff Coming Soon!!!

Hi there everybody!! So how did you enjoy the weekend? … I hope that it was pretty hot. Mine was pretty busy and I was so excited to be verified by Facebook! That means I will show up in the … Continue reading

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Tea, Tea and More Tea!!

As I mentioned before, last casting was great, and after that, we continued with filming of some new content. I decided to work with my favorite Tea Jul, who else. Tea looks great and I think the more I work … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a great Valentine’s Day!!!!! Check out my video greeting here in my youtube channel: Xoxoxoxox!!    

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New Year, New Models!!!!

I am greeting you all my loved fans!!! This start of the year, you are lucky because I am ready to film my new casts. We finished it yesterday and I must say that this time, models are absolutely NEW or they are … Continue reading

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