Tara White

 Hello people!!!

I believe that Stacy and Eufrat heated you up, but Tara White will blow you away :-)))!

She is a pretty redhead who’s a wild predator and has a sexy body! We’ve known each other for the long time,
but up to now, we never worked together.

This was our premiere and that is why we can bring you the exclusive video and photos that you have no chance to
see anywhere else.  Just here on my site!!

Filming with Tara White was damned wild and both of us enjoyed it fully… we nearly damaged the shower in the
bathroom… and that is really, really HOT!!!

I really look forward to our next film, and trust me that it will be much more bizarre than now.

Let me say good bye for now….


Silvia Saint



Tara White


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3 Responses to Tara White

  1. PaulTrey5 says:

    Damn that ass! Silvia is the GREATEST for real, see you in my dreams hun! :p

  2. Rika says:

    Hey Silvia!!! I really like your new blog foramt. Its great that you take time to interact with your fans. You know how much we all love you! You are still the BEST! Please keep up the good work!

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