Last pix from vacation

I’m sad today is my last day of vacation 🙁 Tmr I change bikinis for coat ..brrrr. Then I make a pro casting

duction….so back to work! xoxo Silvia

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13 Responses to Last pix from vacation

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t be sad! Its almost Christmas!!!

  2. Charles says:

    If Cleopatra really existed is another story…
    But you’re the most beautiful woman of all time.
    By the way… in your next vacation you should visit Brazil again, there are sunny days here… but of course the sun cannot shine like you wherever you will go…

    • silvia says:

      Mmm Brazil….thtas my next destination….maybe the carnival. Thank you for the compliment Charles….xoxo Silvia

      • Charles says:

        You are always welcome here my dear…
        If you or your friends would like to know more details about nice places to visit here, do not hesitate to contact me. There are many beautiful places to see beyond Rio, south of Brazil for example…
        Thanks a lot for your reply Silvia, you are definitly a special person…I can see tenderness in your eyes…
        This year I met a girl from Czech Republic here, very very very very kindly and sweet like you…I think there are something magic in the water that you drink in your amazing country that makes people become so attractive…
        Sladké Polibky

        • silvia says:

          Thank you Charles….I appreciate your offer, it certainly will use this.
          Woow…I can see that the Czech girl taught you some czech word….nice 🙂
          Tak ahoj a mej se krasne.

      • Alex says:

        When I hear “Silvia Saint” and “Brazil”, I just remember the film “Dangerous things” 🙂

        • silvia says:

          O yes!!!! Dangerous things we shoot in Brazil and it is one of my favorite movie!

          • Alex says:

            This is the first adult movie that I saw. You are so cute and sexy. Nature is very beautiful. And my favorite photoshoot – you and Randy Spears as a photographer

  3. Alex says:

    Silvia, nice photos, especially the first 🙂 … Thanks for your pictures from vacation. We will wait for your new sexy photos and videos. Good luck!

    • giuliasaint says:

      I agree: nice photos… especially the first 🙂

      Silvia! I’m sad that your vacation are over. For me, you should be all year in exotic places, post photos of your travels and be paid as you deserve for your beauty. I think that for your fans look at your pics is also a great “journey”.

      Welcome back to the cold Europe, bambolina!


    • silvia says:

      I like to share my experiences with my fans :-))) Alex…you can look forward to more and more photos and videos. Kiss Silvia

  4. Rocky says:

    You are the Pamela Anderson of porn! Do you like Pam? You and Pamela have been the favorite wet 🙂 dreams of my adolescence, but I have to say that compared to Pamela you have better face and better booty (look at pic 2: hard as a rock!). Kisses from California

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