Relax before casting

So just three day left and we can start with… CASTING and a lot of sexy kitty-cats. I am looking forward to all of them and I hope that you also!

And because it is pretty cold here and it is snowing so I decided to refill my energy in wellness… wonderful relax… whirlpool, steam, massage… so casting can star. Be ready with cold shower… it will be pretty HOT!!!!

See you soon.

xoxo Silvia

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12 Responses to Relax before casting

  1. lakri says:

    How can anyone be jealous of a towel!?! Well, maybe I am.

  2. JA says:

    Silvia – is there a reason that you and Eve Angel never did a scene together?

    The two of you are the hottest – ever.

  3. Pablo says:

    only 3 days to complete your winter hollydays , have to enjoy silvia

  4. giuliasaint says:

    Oh Silvie! I miss your answers to your fans 🙁

  5. Kevin says:

    You seem to be enjoying the jacuzzi and look perfect in your bathing suit. You still are the greatest of all time. I remember you from many years ago. I hope the best for you and your family and that you have fun making big money in your business.


  6. José Cerrato says:

    Greetings from Honduras! What it is like being in a jacuzzi? You will always be my greatest platonic love 😀

  7. Mark lee says:

    Relax and look hot . And i a big fan of your really great

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