I am greeting you all from the most attractive place in the world… Monaco. We decided to enjoy long weekend with my friends here. So please cross yours fingers for me to have lucky hand 🙂

During the day we enjoy beach as everywhere, but in the night is Monte Carlo the most beautiful – it is reall show of luxury. So let’s enjoy night life…

Bye for now…

Yours Silvia Saint

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54 Responses to Monaco!

  1. Oieee Silvia santy prar How Do I Buy Your Movies
    i with to Trazar vccc??
    You make also Programa ??

  2. Oliver says:

    Hi Silvia! Enjoy your journey in Monaco! Let luck always accompany you. Wonderful resort to you there!

  3. Hercules says:

    Monaco is so Lucky to welcome your beauty Silvia!!!!
    Have a great time there!!!!

  4. Kevin Dorgan says:

    Fitting, Monaco is one of the most beautiful
    places, being visited by one of the most beautiful women there are.. Have fun!

  5. KLEANTHIS says:


  6. marcelo says:

    linda como sempre…um dia te conheço pessoalmente.

  7. Michael Bakkala says:

    Just another goddess in Monaco.

  8. carlos says:

    i am nobody, but you are the woman….

  9. pino says:

    Hi from sicily you are very elegant4
    kisss from your admimrer

  10. Edward says:

    Beautiful photos! 🙂

  11. walter says:

    Linda como sempre, aproveite o final de semana

  12. Ricardo says:

    Amazing like always saludos from mexico city

  13. Andrew says:

    Silvia, you look amazing as always! Enjoy all that Monte Carlo has to offer. XXX

  14. marseill says:

    i love you

  15. aldo hidalgo says:

    Hello Silvia, I congratulate you on your weekend in monaco, I hope you had a good time, this other to say these beautiful ah, I dream that someday send me a picture of you autographed, that humble, I’m content with little, ha ha , ha. Hope to meet you some day. ah if goods chile, call me

  16. aldo hidalgo says:

    you are the true beauty and luxury, monaco should be proud of your presence so beautiful woman, clearly montecarlo that weekend was beautiful and beautiful, BUT BY YOUR PRESENCE

  17. Flor Russel says:

    Always a lady! Please keep us posted with your pictures and share your thoughts, Silvia. Love from Montreal!

  18. Chris X says:

    Mercy 🙂 Beautiful as ever. XO

  19. Ilovewetjeans says:

    Hi Silvia, thx for the pix, I admire you and your feet&heels. Beautiful as ever!

  20. Sus La Paix says:

    You are the most beautiful woman on earth !

  21. ZloyBoogy says:

    Привет Сильвия! Знаю что ты понимаешь по-русски. Бросай Монако. Приезжай лучше к нам в Одессу (Украина).

  22. Ken says:

    Silvia, it looks beautiful where you are at, and of course you are too. Hope you had a good time!

  23. mrtada says:

    How was beautiful weekend in Manukau

  24. Mariano Peinador says:


  25. Julio says:

    Bellisima sin duda una Diosa

  26. j t trouve tres jolie tu es tres belle m ais j aimerais mieux te connaitre car j ai toujour rever de toi

  27. alberto says:

    Preciosa como siempre. un verdadero encanto de mujer. besos para ti Silvia.

  28. José Cerrato says:

    Monaco is the most attractive place in the world? I thought it was to be with you?
    I am on Twitter, @josecerrato, if you want you can follow me 🙂

  29. Kevin USA says:

    Silvia: Saturday, August 24, 2013

    You look great in your bikini pics!! Hopefully you don’t get sunburned at the beach in Monaco. Have fun during the rest of the summer and thanks for all the lovely content on your website.


    Kevin in USA

  30. Charlie CANADA says:

    Gorgeous Sylvia,

    You are the bomb!!! Unreal….so hot and so sexy and gorgeous.

    Love your pics!!!!!


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  33. Ron says:

    Dear Silvia,

    I wanted to ask you a question. Your casting with Pierre Woodman, he says that you don’t give him permission to show the scene. Is it true?
    And if so will you allow him to show the scene? Pleaseee I don’t see why you shouldn’t do it..)))
    Please reply.
    Big fan, all the best.

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